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Mar 9, 2008
So I'm in the process of saving and budgeting finances to be able to buy a new main monitor.. I've been doing research literally every day, but I just still can't decide. I'm not too picky, though. I was happy with my Samsung 245T for 6 years until it died, even though I know how many people hated that monitor because of the input lag. I don't do any competitive gaming/FPS games.. I never noticed the lag myself, but with a faster monitor next to it.. I probably would.

As it is, right now I have two Acer G276HL's, which I also think people hated for gaming as well. They look okay to me. They were cheap, got them for $175 for each of them, and I needed a quick replacement when my 245T died.

I really want a nicer main monitor, and continue to use these Acers as secondaries. (I have the two 27", my 32" Samsung LCD TV, and a little 15" LCD I use as well.. each for different things). So the main one, I want to be for gaming specifically.

I basically use one for gaming, one for Chrome, the small one for messengers and parsers, and my TV when I watch Netflix or stream.

I can't decide on which specs should be most important.. I definitely want a 27". I want it to have a VESA mount. But I can't decide to go with a higher than 60hz monitor, or go with a 2560x1440 monitor.. I did like the 1920x1200 on my 245T, my current monitors are 1080p. But I'm wondering if for gaming, that going with something higher than 60hz will look best. I also know I have to keep in mind my hardware, I have a 970 GTX right now.. planning to get a second for SLI in the future if needed.

I play a lot of different games.. FFXIV: ARR, Diablo 3, BF4, etc.. and future new games as they come out.

Any advice? Brand doesn't matter to me, as long as it's a decent monitor. I also don't want to spend THAT much on it.. I can' afford to spend $800+ on a new monitor. Was looking at monitors in the $300-$500 range. Maybe a little more if it's worth it.

Edit: Actually.. in comparing the size of my 245T to my 27" Acers... 24" would be fine if I had to. So I have been looking at the VG248QE.. or stick with 27" and maybe the VG278HE?
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Limp Gawd
Nov 5, 2010
something from Eizo, IPS or VA based. as for TN, i don't used them anymore...never again.