Gaming Chairs VS Office Chairs

Discussion in 'Gaming & Office Furniture' started by Larochepiano, Sep 11, 2017.

  1. Zarathustra[H]

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    Oct 29, 2000
    If you are ever curious, it is easy to tell by feeling the bumps on the back of the back rest.
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  2. Easius

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    Jan 1, 2009
    A few of my coworkers have this chair... our work offers to buy us them if we want/need. I find the cushions to be quite firm for my taste but the chair feels solid and well built. I enjoy the full back.

    Personally I still stick with a mesh chair and like it... no idea on brand :D
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    Feb 18, 2016
    Steelcase Gesture.
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    Jun 7, 2008

    I'm going to pick one of these up I want a Titan actually but worried about the weight of it's 70+ lbs could crash though the floor.
    Plus I might not like it I sat in this Office Max chair for about 1 minute I liked the high back of it and the seat wasn't winged at the end.
    139.00 but they are out of stock LOL I mean they are on sale they were in stock but now they are out of stock and on sale.
  5. Shooter308

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    Oct 29, 2006
    So for extended PC gaming is the consensus to buy a gaming or office chair?

    My wife and I both need new computer desk chairs, but we're unsure of which one and model to buy.
  6. OliverQueen

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    Apr 17, 2019
    I have always used leather office chairs in the past & suffered with aching butt cheeks & a aching spine after a long period sat in them. I decided to change my chair recently and after trying out lots of different chairs in the city outlets here in the UK, the one that was most comfortable to me out of all the office chairs including expensive ones and gaming chairs, was the Corsair T1 Gaming Chair. Not the most expensive chair by a long shot but has good coaster wheels, is comfortable for me to sit on for long periods , has firm lumbar & neck support cushions (which are removable) as well as height adjustable arm rests & a tilt adjustable back rest. I suffer with Multiple Sclerosis as well as rapidly degenerating discs in my C Spine, and since I have used this chair 4 weeks ago, I have been in a lit less pain than I was sat in the leather office chair that cost me almost triple what I paid for the Corsair chair! Even the wife was impressed to how comfortable it is and now she wants one as well! One thing I have also noticed is that I do not sweat as much sat in it compared to the leather office chair.

    Best advice is to try as many as you possibly can. Any good store will let you sit in one for 15-20 minutes to really get a feel of it. I was lucky as our local Currys/PC World (electrical goods chain store in the UK) has a large gaming section with all of the gaming chairs they sell assembled at desks with systems to sit and use for a while to make sure you are buying the right chair for you. On the same retail park, there are also a load of furniture stores which also sell office chairs and the like, so I could also try those out to an extent within a short period of time. The other thing I found with the Corsair T1 chair was that it took less than 10 minutes to fully assemble compared to over an hour to put together the last office chair I bought!
  7. dark_reign

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    Nov 15, 2005
    After using a DXRacer chair for a few years I'd never go back to using a cheap office chair. The better head, neck and back support is a must.
  8. Niner21

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    Aug 26, 2018
    I went with a Gaming chair this time. I kind of regret not going with an office chair instead. The gaming chair is fine for a few hours or less.
  9. Lumpus

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    Sep 2, 2005
    We've had far better luck with 'sewing chairs' than either office or gaming chairs.
    Go to your local sewing/quilting shop and try the different varieties, but they work for us.
    Usually you can get a 'used' discount on the floor samples.

    Here is an online sample - I think I have the Koala SewComfort (pd $150 I think for gently used) +sewcomfort&utm_content=all-tacony-30072-chairs#/?Category0=Sewing+Furniture&Category1=Category&Category2=Sewing+Chairs&search_return=all&Brand=Koala
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