Game Server question...


Limp Gawd
Jun 8, 2004
I am wanting to build a standalone server that will handle a 32 person BF2 game. It will not be an online server. I also want it to run CounterStrike:Source, COD2, DOOM3, and C&C Generals. What kinda system specs. and software do I need to accomplish this? Thanks.


Sep 28, 2004
32 man bf2 server? errmm, kinda light system requirements. I'd suggest a 2.0ghz p4 with 512mb ram or equivalent amd proccie minimum. Video card, whatever is the cheapest, a $15 tnt card is all thats really needed (actually not really needed at all).

All other games will run just fine with that setup as well for a dedicated server.

software? errm, an Operating system and the Dedicated server binaries/data files is all you need. You can do it with windows or linux. I'd probably suggest windows for your use. Just dont load up a bunch of other stuff with the minimum requirements. Linux runs leaner for a dedicated server, but that all depends on how familiar you are with 'nix.

BF2, Steam, Doom3/quake4, CoD2 have linux server binaries available. Unsure about CnC series, however.

My dedicated server comprises an AMD64 3400 and 1gb of ram. It runs bf2, steam and a couple Sof2 games concurrently with no issues.