Game of the Year 2020 your opinion


Fully [H]
Jun 2, 2004
Either TLOU2 or Animal Crossing for me. The year of 2020 removed from the equation, TLOU2 for sure. It was a monumental achievement in narrative and really a huge technical achievement to get the level of quality they did out of a last-gen console. But, in 2020, Animal Crossing felt like a hugely important game. It allowed me to hang out with friends and family and do normal life things in a time where I wasn't allowed to just go our and do normal life things with them. I put more time into AC than any other game this year, and I genuinely believe that game made this bullshit year a lot easier to get through for me, for my friends, for my family, and for a ton of other people. Maybe it's just a case of right place, right time, but there was something special about that game launching at pretty much the exact moment the shit hit the fan with COVID.

I'll also give a shoutout to Fenyx Rising. It's not a GOTY by any means, but it's the best game Ubisoft has released in years. I'm normally very critical of their games lately and I'm struggling to find faults in this one... that's saying a whole lot. Sure, its an unapologetic ripoff of BOTW, but I honestly think that everything it borrows from BOTW, it also improves upon. It's a seriously great game that I think everyone should play.


Nov 1, 2020
Well, the one everyone seems to be playing is Hide and Seek with new cpus and gpus......