Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra as a 2nd display via SuperDisplay.... USB 2 vs USB 3

The Mad Atheist

Mar 9, 2018
Was looking to get a Tab S7 with pen as a general android tab and minor art stuff with a OK-ish 15" drawing drawing that will double as a 2nd monitor. But if I can get a S8 Ultra which is around the same price as both above, I might do that and reduce what's in my tech bag.
Shame there's no IPS version of the Ultra, I kind of hang onto tech longer and not a fan of OLEDs because the displays don't age well with burn-in.

I used SpaceDesk over USB 2 and have some lag, same with SuperDisplay, is there any via USB 3?

Also planning to pickup a 11th gen i5 Surface Pro 7+ to compliment my gaming laptop when I away from an outlet for console emulation, light gaming, other light work.


May 3, 2005
I have had multiple Samsung OLEDs with zero burn in after 5+ years with one, but I have had both tablets develop issues with turning the screen on. I now have to turn them on twice sometime (i.e. turn it off, then turn it back on) and I expect eventually this thing will die because of the screen. Maybe they've improved that aspect of the AMOLED tech but it's happened to two different Samsung tabs with AMOLED (but only after about 5 years) and anecdotally on the internet this is a common aging issue.