Galaxy 7th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

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Wish I'd ever HAD 2 video cards in one box... sadly, I've not yet had the chance.

Does this count as wussing out? Hope not...
Two video cards are better than one because when I installed SLIfire it made my Internet Explorer faster to load Microsoft Word.

You can find my expert level review on Neweggs explaining how this is works.
2 monitors > 1 monitor
2 video cards > 1 video card

Rather obvious, IMO :)
The same reason two girls at your place is better then one..... ;)

....One cooks and the other cleans!
Two cards are better than one in newer games for one reason. Fps! The higher the better.
It's twice as nice to have your cake and eat it too.
Why mess around with one when you can go dual.
One 580 bows to 460 SLI
If I win it will bring a tear to my eye.
Two cards gives you the ability to max your monitor and all the eye candy you can handle. Plus you can make your friends envious of your setup.
Two video cards give you maaaaaaaaaaaad fps, especially the great scaling on GTX 460s
Having 2 video cards is just like having 2 wives -- more fun, more money, and constantly updating "drivers" to get the best "performance" in all "games."

Yesh, that's a lot of innuendo. !!!
Two video cards are better than one cause you get more FPS!

And like anything, two of anything is better than one. Like boobs, check it.
I will have to upgrade my MB for these but I would be willing to do it :D
Twice the fun!
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