Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

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I come to the Hot deals section because lets face it. Money sucks for me & my job is Terrible so I need HOT deals. I could barely afford the 1.00 to buy Stalker today :)
To drive myself crazy looking at stuff I just can't afford at the moment.
I visit the hot deals forum looming for blazing deals. And I find the community to be very good and generally welcoming.
I have built my last three machines from this forum- and NewEgg, natch~
I always tend to visit hot deals because if I do happen to see a hot deal on an item I want... and not having that much money.. makes every dollar count!
love watching the fights over what deals are hot and which ones aren't.
Simply put, I never pay retail! Always looking for a deal for myself and family members.
I mostly visit the [H]ot|DEALS forum because I'm unemployed and get bored easily.
It provides us easy access to user provided deals that have the same interests as everyone else.

Thank you
See if there are any deals on things I'm in the market for.
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