Galaxy 6th Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

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I'm in for a 470, and I read the Hotdeals forum because I want to get more for less.
So I can save money by spending money of course!

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Why I visit the [H]ot Deals Forum
by "octoberasian"

There once was a time that I did not visit [H] Forum or knew about it. That is until one day Kyle appeared to me behind a burning video card and said, "Go forth on yonder to the [H]ot Deals Forum and you will find yourself a new video card... for a good price."

And, it was on that day I started my regular visit to said location looking for cheap stuff... for a good price.
I visit the Hot Deals forum because this is perhaps the only site I know where people know exactly what I'm usually looking for and how to get the best possible deal.. that and it's something to peruse while reading through the other forums.
Visit cuz I go to Georgetown, which sucks all of my money away, and I still want to game so I gotta do it cheap
I'm a college student so if I want something, I just wait for it to go on sale.... and then I POUNCE!
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