Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway!

Their graphics look solid build and provide awesome performance of NVidia GPU.
Galaxy seems to have risen to the top of the stack in the vid card area, would love to give them a try.
one thing that i never realized was that galaxy video cards is one of the oldest company's making cards and they are awesome
I don't know as I can't say if I like Galaxy because never had one of there product before but I wouldn't care I'm sure it will make fine product and I'm sure my sister law would love it after all it will go in her PC which has a carp onboard Intel GPU:rolleyes:
I've owned a few Galaxy cards now .. at first their customer support was a smidge flakey, but now it's top notch! ..just like their video cards... :cool:
Galaxy always provides some of the best prices for cards, yet they still have great coolers on them. I love not having to shell out a fortune but still don't sacrifice cooling performance.
I like Galaxy because they make video cards and have video card giveaways.
I will use what I win to build a computer to donate to someone who needs one.
I like Galaxy cards because they actually honored an RMA request without a hassle and in a timely manner. I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one knowing that I'm not going to get screwed.
I have never had a problem with any Galaxy product that I have ever used. Excellent value for the money.
Galaxy makes a solid card that's easy on the wallet. What's not to like?
I have never owned a Galaxy card but in every review I have read here on Hard(everyone for the last 5-6 years, damn you Kyle :p ) they have always been highly rated. Would be a nice upgrade from my 5770.
I don't personally know that much about them. I do like the looks of their cooling system though.
I've been looking to jump over to Nvidia from ATI. Winning this card would be a great way to do so :)
havent had a galaxy in a long time but it was a nice oc'ed agp card that was one of the top cards of the day since pci cards where not that good yet.
Galaxy is a very honest company that is open to new ways of approaching products. Innovation will keep them in the game!
A while back my gaming rig up and quit working. Turns out the vid card (MSI 8800) died on me. No big deal, guess it was time to upgrade. Didn't have a ton of $$$ to throw at the problem, so I ended up going with a GALAXY 9600. It was a solid card, got me back up and gaming, and I was happy.

Later, when I came into a few extra $$$, I thought I'd upgrade again...I purchased a Sapphire 5000 series - massive issues, never worked right for me, many hours and an overabundance of frustration later, I decided to put back in the GALAXY card.

A few months later, I tried another upgrade...this time vowing to stay with NVidia. I chose an EVGA 200 series card. games...higher resolution...good choice. Then it gave out on me....*sigh*.

I put back in the GALAXY 9600 and am still running it today. I haven't had the opportunity to game as much as I'd like to, but have thought about getting back into it.

Why do I like GALAXY cards?
Because it's the one video card I've owned that hasn't quit on me.