Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway!

Galaxy has started to cater to enthusiasts and seek more high end card varieties (ie 4gb 670s/680s), which I find very pleasing. Keeping their pricing reasonable while using top-quality components, build quality, and cooling solutions will enable Galaxy's continued lauding from the enthusiast community!
I've heard great things about them but haven't been able to but and replace my 570..<sigh>
I haven't won a galaxy gpu yet. But It's pretty rad that they host this giveaway every year.
Galaxy video cards. What can you say but they ownz the Galaxy with their quality video cards!
from what I hear, Galaxy is a good company but I would like to find out for myself if I win one
Their cooling solutions are well-developed and always one of the major manufacturers I would consider between them and ASUS for NVIDIA-branded cards.
I've never owned a Galaxy product, but would like to give them a shot. Would work nicely in an upcoming project.
I've read about several examples of excellent customer service from Galaxy and their cards are very competitively priced.
I've been using 2 Galaxy GTX 460's in SLI mode since they first came out, I really like these cards because they had the fans that swing away from the card for cleaning.

I think what I love most though is that in all the time I have been running them I have never had an issue from either of them.

That fact alone has made me loyal to Galaxy and there products.
I love their coolers that have a flip-up section to move the fan out the way to clean out the heatsink!
I like Galaxy cards, partially because they have a rep with presence on the forum that helps people with any issues they have.
I like that this card only needs a single external slot. That heatsink looks like it might take up more room though so it may still be difficult to cram into a small space.
Never used one personally, but willing to give it a shot. Now all I need is some hi-def pr0n for testing it out (on the remote possibility per se).
Galaxy cards have a budget price with high end performance. The blue will match my computer and update my aging graphics card. Also great customer service!
galaxy cards feature great price and performance , i would love to have one

I like galaxy cards because they have been dependable for me and I like their card designs.
I've never owned a Galaxy card, but have heard great things about them