Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 6

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Hi, I really like Galaxy cards because they don't mess with things like some unreliable brands do, plus I've heard good things about their RMA/return service.
I like Galaxy for the cool design and the fact that they used the [H] gold award in their ad for the card, nice touch.
Galaxy is one of the top three brands for Nvidia graphics cards, their coolers and design are always unique. I like them just for the white pcb gtx 680.
Whooooo!!! Need one of these bad boys... just started playing FarCry 3 and am sick of playing it on low details :(
Galaxy always gives good value for the dollar and would be a major upgrade for my rig.
Galaxy has effective cooling designs, making them a good choice for ones rig.
Nice. I have two Galaxy GTX670. Since my son's PC is now being upgraded, a GTX680, especially a GC version, would be very handy right now.

I have owned a number of Galaxy products over the last few years. Never an issue with them so they are easy to recommend.
It's not often you see companies that innovate *on top of* sponsoring giveaways like Galaxy consistently does. What's not to love about that?
In all honesty, in doing lots of shopping over the years, I have never heard a bad thing about Galaxy brand. Nice packaging, too! :D
The reviews indicate this would be a step up from the card I am running now. I like the concept of adaptive vsync and I would like Physx
Galaxy card get good reviews, look really nice and this card is much better than I have now. Happy New Year.
I have never owned a Galaxy card. I read the review and I would be flabbergasted at winning an awesome piece of [H]ardware!!!
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