Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

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Simply love Galaxy fresh design templates for GPU's, They scheme their GPU's to fit in almost every custom build, thats what i love.
My favorite company to buy from for the nVidia line of graphic cards ever since the 9800 GT. Built countless computer with Galaxy graphic cards for family/customers that wanted to go down the nVidia path.
been a fan ever since they came out and said they officially allow removal of their heatsinks for TIM replacement and waterblock use. thats still their policy right?
That is one pretty video card and galaxy always makes it at affordable prices.
Galaxy: Currently my favorite brand to sell since all of my Galaxy products have been amazing.

I'd love to plug this powerhouse in and get cooking, but, the custom cooler is so efficient that I'll never be able to. Bazinga!
I really look forward to an opportunity to try overclocking such an awesome card as the Galaxy!
Enthusiast-targeted versions of their GPUs, (would have liked to see them give away a 4gb version, but's free!) with good cooling solutions at good prices have brought Galaxy up near the relatively short list of Nvidia GPU vendors that offer some of the best variants of the cards!
I like the fact that they are willing to give away video cards for contests like this one.
I like the Galaxy GeForce GTC 670 GC because of it's new PolyMorph 2.0 Engine which has 4x the tessellation performance of the Radeon HD 7970!
Owned a few galaxy cards, Always great designs, competitive pricing, and have proven great support as well.
Solid aftermarket cooler design and great price to performance ratio. Overall great company selling some great cards. Keep up the good work Galaxy!
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