Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 5

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Never owned a Galaxy product before, but I've heard great things. Would love to add one to my rig.
I've got 2 Galaxy cards in 2 PCs in my house. Always work great. Could always use a more powerful card for the HTPC.
I've been looking for a NVIDIA card to switch to, and according to my friends this one is far better than what I've currently got.
So far, Galaxy has the best cooling design combined with a shorter PCB.. which is nice for ppl using a mATX board
My birthday is on Christmas (12/25) so quite often I get shafted on the whole gift giving thing, which I know is not what this is all about, but I could honestly say it would be a birthday I surely wouldn't forget. My mom passed away in 2007, and I used some of the life insurance I received to build a custom PC with a galaxy 9800GTX+ a friend sold me, and that system served me well, but recently in 2010 I had to sell the pc to make ends meet and it was a hard decision I had to make. This is not a sob story to make it stand out from all the other posts, but just an example of why it would mean a lot to me. I would glady provide verification that this is not some bs story. Thanks Galaxy!
Last chance at one of these great cards!

Galaxy out did them selves now, a small LED backlit display wow that is just awesome. I must have one of these cards that is such a cool feature.
Sexy looking card screams high quality. Excellent cooling solution!
I've never personally owned a galaxy card but I like what i see from them, they have great better then reference designs with very nice cooling setups.
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