Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 4

I like that this Galaxy card has 3GB and a more open cooler design (more airflow and easier to clean).
Their custom coolers do really well to keep it cool and reduce noise.
It's time to replace my aging Galaxy 460 ti (which still performs flawlessly), it's been a reliable card thus far and I expect the same quality on the newer cards from Galaxy.
I have yet to own a Galaxy card, but they offer a good value, and apparently take care of their customers. :)
I like Galaxy because of their customer representatives and that they are clearly trying to cater to the enthusiasts. I like their cards because the perform well and have quality coolers. I am loving my current Galaxy GPU.
I like the fact Galaxy aggressively competes, in features, performance, and price.
I feel a little repetitive from the other entries, but I like their cooler designs/applications and use of non-reference PCBs
Nice card, this would be a really nice upgrade to my system. Your cooling designs look great ans I would love to do some real world testing/feedback.
The first Galaxy branded card I used was a 560ti 1GB, and my one experience has made me a believer. Custom cooling solutions with larger fans (90mm rather than 80mm) left my rig quiet but with high factory overclock for stellar gaming performance. Since I work retail, I have also steered my customers to Galaxy cards when they needed a replacement or upgrade. My 560ti did end up having a small issue, and I am happy to report that Galaxy stands behind their warranty, and the time between when I shipped my card and when the new one came back was less than 2 weeks!! 2 WEEKS!!

Galaxy: Quality product, quality service.
There are many reasons why I like Galaxy. I'll list a few:

- Quality, efficient cooling designs. Low noise and low temperatures.
- Improve reference video card designs pushing GPU designs ahead.
- Offer higher end models of their GPUs, such as the 660ti 3GB in this giveaway.
- Support [H]ardforum.
- Interact with the community and offer good customer service.

Thanks for holding the giveaway Galaxy and [H]! Good luck to the winner.
You can't go wrong buying from a company who's willing to give away its products to HardOCP members for weeks at a time. Plus the obvious reasons like great price per performance and great aftermarket cooling setups. Keep up the good work Galaxy!