Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

I love the fantastic cooler design and color scheme. Very nicely accompanies the high performance power that's still capable of overclocking and pushing it harder!
Galaxy does awesome giveaways for our forums! You would make a gamer very happy this holiday season :)
I like them for all of the reasons I stated last thread, PLUS, I think that they look cool enough to be the centerplace next to the Christmas Turkey at the dinner table... I don;t think the food would be as chromed, but seriously, which one would YOU want to eat? I know the video card would sure last longer...
Great company to work with. So many good reviews about the cards. Here is to hoping of making my holiday season better. Hope to win.
again, I like galaxy's innovated cooling, reliability, and support. Bought a few for family members and recommended them to co-workers. mmm I just got borderlands 2, would luv to try it on nvidia/physx.
Good selection of cards, something for every application and price range. Plus they support the [H] which is a big plus for any company I'd buy from.
The great thing about the Galaxy is that you need to learn everything ONLY ONCE, and then you know all that you will ever need to know. And their video cards look good, too.
I have had a few Galaxy cards over the years and I can say Galaxy has pretty solid products as well as great customer service.
Galaxy have made Enthusiasts a target market and have started providing high end card varieties; so long as they continue to provide high quality components and cooling, mixed with customer service and good value, they'll be in the running when I select my next GPU