Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

I want to try out Galaxy because I am excited to try a new mfg who has a good reputation.
Galaxy has a good rep and a cool name. I never win anything and it was just my birthday....make my bday wish come true for a new video card!
I'm in, they have some interesting cards that make me like their design.
that they have a rep on this board. their customer service seems to be pretty good.
Great performance at a great price, what else could you ask for
Impressed with Galaxy been doing with their product lately. Keep it up! Meanwhile doesn't hurt to have extra folding power. :D
I like that this one looks like it can cut people! I will tell my friend to stick his hand in there if he is mouthing off.
I like that galaxy has designed some of it's cards so you can clean both sides of the fan.
By the looks of the Galaxy line-up you get what you would expect, cards that are the fastest in their class!
The first Galaxy branded card I used was a 560ti 1GB, and my one experience has made me a believer. Custom cooling solutions with larger fans (90mm rather than 80mm) left my rig quiet but with high factory overclock for stellar gaming performance. Since I work retail, I have also steered my customers to Galaxy cards when they needed a replacement or upgrade. My 560ti did end up having a small issue, and I am happy to report that Galaxy stands behind their warranty, and the time between when I shipped my card and when the new one came back was less than 2 weeks!! 2 WEEKS!!

Galaxy: Quality product, quality service.
I like Galaxy because of their designs. Their heatsink designs are clever and many times have modular components and they design cards for those wanting many-display systems and wi-di. Thank you for designing for the enthusiast.
this would be a great addition to my pc, and would be a nice physx card for my 4gb 670 from galaxy
Now this is the card that I'm drooling over. Great price point, great performance; and as always - great customer service. :)