Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

Galaxy cards have some of the lowest temperatures out there, that backed by a now 3 year warranty, you can't go wrong!
Galaxy GPU's are incredibly Reliable and come with an excellent 3 year warranty
silver shroud, gold pins, what's not to like?

I like that their rep posts in the 3DFX retro thread
Galaxy is a good company and they make good cards with good customer service. The also seem to like pushing the envelope with their cards!
I have yet to own a Galaxy card, but they offer a good value, and apparently take care of their customers.
I love that Galaxy is holding this contest so that I might win M0ar D for the [H]orde!

i like it my bro needs a card so it be nice to win this for him :)
a haiku:
I really like games
Give me a video card
Or else I will cry
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Galaxy makes awesome products.I especially like the removable fans on some of their video cards.
What can I say... I use a Galaxy GTX 670, my son has my 'old' Galaxy GTX 570. I've had nothing but good results with Galaxy and will continue to buy their products.
Galaxy's innovative cooling designs and competitive price point make their cards favorable in the computer enthusiast market.
I haven't used a Galaxy card in a while but I do remember them as being good cards and the coolers on them are great. Plus any card that is an upgrade is a winner in my book. :)
I like their custom cooling and non-reference card sizes (bigger isn't always better!).
I so want to win, I have one galaxy card and its still working great to this day, even with one fan blade missing. I can't wait to see whats next week.
Never had a problem with a Galaxy product in the past. I would love to be able to play my games finally at 1920x1080!!!
All Santa is bringing me this year is some coal. Could you help me out with this one Galaxy??