Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 3

i have some galaxy 465's and i love them for the easy to remove and clean fan, and the fact that they can hold a modest oc
I have never owned a Galaxy product before so having one to use and depending on how it performs will influence my future computer purchases because I tend to stay with brands that have been good to me.
I like that my Galaxy GTX480 is still trucking along but I'd like it better if it was replaced with something modern.
The Galaxy card I owned ran like a top. I used the hell out of the thing. As I expect I would with the 660 from this drawing.
I'm glad to live in this...uh..."Galaxy". What universe could make better video cards?
Would like to try the Galaxy brand out and I can't think of a better way to do it. In to win.
I like the ease of cleaning the fan (my Galaxy GTX 460) and the non-reference cooling solution is nice. My Galaxy GTX 460 has been running 24/7 for over a year in my HTPC without an issue.
I can't say much for Galaxy Video cards, I've never owned one.\Hopefully this contest will fix that ! :)
Galaxy cards are generally faster, quieter, and in my experience have consumed less power than rival cards. AND!!! They don't voltage tweak because Nvidia told them to either.