Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 2

My brother had great luck with Galaxy cards, never had to test their RMA process. Sounds like a winner to me. :-D
Hah! It's so cute! (I'm starting to understand how these threads work)
I like what I've heard about Galaxy customer support - fast response to issue noted by purchasers of their products, and they stand by their product.

I like what I've read about Galaxy video cards - smart integration of good-looking cooling units which allow great performance results.

I just need to acquire a Galaxy card to see for myself.
Galaxy has great customer support that I have seen here on the [H]. It seems to be the best since BFG went out of the business. I want to support that level of customer support!
These Galaxy video cards are great for folding@home They work hard and hold up
I've never used a Galaxy product before, but everything I've read or heard about them is top notch. I'd love to experience one of their products firsthand.
Great cards for a great price!

EDIT so I don't double post: another good reason to pick me, I'll BOINC for HardOCP with it if I win!
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I'm currently running the GT450 from Galaxy and the graphics when playing pc games are great. But I would love a bigger and better card since I rebuilt a portion of my build.
I like their reasonable prices and reliable cards. And the replaceable fan on my GTX 460.
Galaxy always provides new and exciting way to cool your video card.
Value + Performance is usually the cliche winning combination yet Galaxy products live up to all the hype and saves the OEM builder their hard earned dollar.
Haven't owned a Galaxy card before, and I know just a little project where this card would fit nicely to test... :)
Galaxy offers a great warranty and I like their customer service presence here at [H].

Thanks for the giveaway!