Galaxy 6 Weeks of Christmas GPU Giveaway! Week 2

I love the longevity these cards experience. They last long, they have great motherboards also and great prices and features.
Good company that backs its products..I'm not going to win anyhow, but meh why not.
Never had an issue with the 2 galaxy GTX 460 cards I've owned in SLI. I always thought they had the best designs from an aesthetics standpoint. Ran them for 1.5 years, then sold them off to someone else. Best price||performance I had in a while.
Competitive prices for an excellent product along with good customer service ! What more can you ask for ? Also, the majority of your PCBs are blue, and I always stick with a blue theme, having a green PCB showing looks crappy when you have a blue theme lol.

Thank you Galaxy !
Had several products and always excellent! For the few times dealing with support are friendly and helpful! :D
What I like about Galaxy and their video cards is that they are going to choose me to win one.
Right guys?
I think the best thing about galaxy is the fact that although they have stiff competition, they pride themselves in making a product high enough in quality to effectively compete with the major brands.
My older Galaxy card is still running solid, what more could I ask for.
I once sat on a competitors video card while wearing a bathing suit and I got gonorrhea.

The only thing I've ever gotten from Galaxy is fast frame rates, reliable service, and also some gonorrhea.
I just bought a Galaxy gtx 660 for my system. This 650 ti would be perfect for my wifes.
Still rocking my Galaxy GTX480. It has been reliable.

Could use an HTPC card.
Always have wanted to try a Galaxy card. As long as I've been building PCs their company only seems to be getting better.
Galaxy is probably the best nVidia OEM partner and their innovative cooling solutions make for very stable cards.
I like the Galaxy cards because they try to push the envelope wrt design and function.
I've never used a Galaxy product, so its a clean slate to me. But i've heard good things.