Galaxy 3rd Week of Christmas Give-Aways!

I love how Kyle basically calls the millions of informative posts in here 'stupid', there are surely at least one non-stupid post in this forum somewhere, maybe, definitely not in this thread though, probably one of those threads that got erased one time when the forums crashed back in the early years, might take a team a year or ten to find one such post...but then again, that might be like looking for Noah's ark, we all know its somewhere, just no one can find it.

The End. Now I'm sleepy, corse that could be the dozen Hooter's wings I just ate kicking in, who knows.
I've heard reports that the computing power of these nVIDIA GPU's can create a supernova of gaming ecstacy while giving me more gigaflops than a fermilabs superconducting supercollidor(tm) can. This in turn brings the Call of Duty Black Ops world to ACTUAL LIFE! using the new nVIDIA braINterface GTX 5800ZX+XXX headset+3D thought-projected 20 foot(virtual height) 8000 pixel wide screen which literally immerses the player in a virtual gaming world where life and death meet fantasy and the AI is so smart that it becomes self aware. These AI in your virtual world will provide the most challenging and rewarding gameplay anyone has ever experienced! (Do not worry as all precautions have been taken to prevent these intelligences from leaving your PC; besides there simply isn't enough computing power in the raw internet switching network to sustain their personality.)
WARNING: using 4-way SLI GTX480's may create artifical intelligences capable of defeating Data (and most certainly you).