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Jun 18, 2009
How do I go about installing an OS? I don't know how to use the CD Drive.

800mhz G4 no Hard drive so I put one in and now can't figure out how to install anything

Can I use a hard drive from a G3 in a G4 with OS9 on it or Tiger?

All I get is the flashing folder icon...

Thanks for the help. :D
On the top right of the apple keyboard there is a button with a triangle and rectangle, hold that down for a sec
I now have 2 copies of Tiger and 1 copy of OS 9 so I was able to install and use my G3 HDs.

thanks for the help.

though I have one more question: I think the fan is making a grinding noise. is that good?

I'm still an idiot I can't figure out to have the cd icon or open the cd drive so I can put a disc in through Tiger not through the firmware like I did before.
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old imac keyboard. I should either use a windows one or getter a newer apple one this one's too small to use.
no and here is a picture
it's probably F12.

make sure you hold it for a second and not just tap it. there's a built in delay.
now i need to figure out how to make it wireless with the netgear usb thing I have. it says it works in Tiger but so far I can't get it to work so far I've not tried one thing yet but I'll try it tomorrow
if you plug it in and run software update it might find a driver for it. it also may not. then you'll have to scour the internet.
If it's G4, you should be able to get Leopard on it. You just won't be able to go any further than that.
86Mhz 1.5GB SDRAM

would Leopard work then? I can't get the wirelss working only the wired working so would it fix that then. I do have a driver for TIger but maybe its fixed in Leopard...
I don't see any reason to put leopard on it. I doubt it will fix the wireless too.
got the wireless fixed it took awhile...
i had to mess with the network stuff for awhile to see what worked.

thanks for the help
I have got a PowerBook G4 recently I didn't get a password for it. is there anything I can do? Do I have to install Leopard on it again so I can actually use it?

I'm in a mac and maybe G4 mood... I would love to own a G5 those babies are awesome!