Full Body Touch and Haptic Feedback in VR


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May 18, 1997
Sarotis by Interactive Architecture Lab, has some footage posted of its prototypes in action. This footage is from about 9 months ago, but it is something that has escaped me. It is attempting to use haptic and touch feedback in a "full body" way. The video will make you understand how exactly it is working.

Check out both the videos.

However, after watching this newer video of the technology in action, it is kinda freaking me out.
That second video was creepy. How is that supposed to sell me on the product?

Also, the first video, they should of said "We'll put you in a 'virtual maze'" and given them a VR headset. And they need to have a board that'll smack someone in the face if they run into a wall.
Yea this isn't selling me on anything. Look our model can't breathe right and is having convulsions.. Isn't that amazing.. It's an outfit we can murder you with.. yay?
So we're nearing the virtual porn singularity? Where billions will be made by those who have services who's sole purpose is ... cleaning out the suits after use?

Sounds great, until you get someone who doesn't care if they see a wall, and tries to run right at it at full speed and gets choked out... actually I have no fucking clue how having a bulging neck thing helps tell you something is there any more than a wrist guard that pulses. Is it supposed to give you the sensation that "yeah I ran face first into a wall"? If so I have no idea how that works
Sweet. I bet one of the attachments goes on your genitals to simulate sex.... Woo!

OK, yeah, the 2nd video was very creepy. I am not sure what exactly is going on there. Live feedback is good, but not sure I want all that one me and something go wrong.
Haptic feedback and immersion are undesirable to me. I have an imagination. I don't need to be fully immersed to imagine the situation. Put some pretty pictures on the monitor, tell a story, make some cool sound effects and my brain will do the rest.
Second video is pure shit, worthless, conveys absolutely nothing, suffocating, makes me want to vomit and get some fresh air.
My niece is going blind. Its really hard to watch. This sort of thing could provide her with a lot of autonomy. Definitely just get a wrist strap thing though.

I guess a cane works almost as well though.
I do not understand the neck attachments or why those would be useful. Costs? Wonder how the average person could combine all the costs of the different components together? Just seems very far fetched at this time.


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the one sense of VR that needs to be address is smell. If they had some kind of scent emitter that could mimic the smell of rain or gunpowder.... would take VR to a whole new level.
Sexy fembots? Yes. Electric scuba suit that simulates choking? Nope. And electrocutes my junk? Double nope