FT: Be Quite! Dark Rock Pro 4 for GPU


Nov 20, 2007
I've got a "new" Dark Rock Pro 4 that is open box, but never installed. The case I purchased this for wasn't wide enough, so I did a test fit and then put it right back in the box. I'm looking for the best GPU I can get as a direct trade here.

Heat is under puppeteernessus

Might be interested, let me keep this alive for a bit longer to explore other options. Thanks
Deals looking better. Let's see what another day pulls before I pull the trigger. What kind of timeline are you on bufenator?
whew, just checked the specs and this is listed as .2cm less than the max CPU cooler height of the case I want it in!
edit - attempted trader had no heatware. let's try this again
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I've got positive heat and I think a couple r9 280x gpus, maybe an R9 380 even... not sure if those interest you at all?