FT: Adobe Acrobat X and 9 Standard w/box and license transfer for an unlocked phone


Limp Gawd
Feb 27, 2012
I had a few Adobe software packages in storage, but I didn't know if they were legitimate, so I registered them to my account and asked Adobe customer service for help. They said all software was legit and told me I could transfer them to someone else if I wanted, so here we are.

Neither item has ever been installed, so there should be no activation issues - I have not used them for any sort of upgrades either, so they should be valid to upgrade to newer versions of the software. I only sold one other software package, and the person who bought it told me he had to call Adobe to finish the transfer, but other than that there were no issues.

I will trade both of these for a an unlocked phone. Boost Mobile dicked me over with a phone that they forced me to keep for a year, only to block the so-called unlocking that would happen after a year once I dumped their ass, so the phone is now useless. I've got a chip in a phone that barely works so I need a replacement. It doesn't need to be super fast or have a lot of space, I only need it to call people, receive texts... and run the Steam Authenticator. That's it.

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Aug 7, 2011
Does your service run through AT&T/T-Mobile (GSM) or Verizon/Sprint (CDMA)? I have a Lumia 1950 I'd be willing to trade and it is unlocked, but it is a GSM 4G phone and thus will not work on a CDMA network.

(Yes, although it is Windows Phone 10, it has the Steam App with SteamGuard Authentication and the Microsoft Authenticator that is Google Authenticator compatible. I still use these same apps on my Lumia 950XL without issue)