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A few months ago I read that FSX is SUPPOSED to support SLi because nVidia has a profile for it, but many people said it doesn't work... so before I reinstall it, does anyone know if it does support SLi now?


Limp Gawd
Sep 27, 2005
Flight Simulator X...and no from what I read still at the flightsim forums it hasn't changed....but I don't think agame really need to be optimized for it what I think is the limiting factor everyone is missing is that :

1) This game will eat up processor cycles like a plane does fuel and adding a second video card may help a little bit but your processor will be a bottleneck for a bit I think

2) That people think because they ran FS9 at full everything FSX should be the same way but the devolpers went the Everquest 2 route where they want this game to still look fresh 3-5 years from now so they do not expect you to run it at full everything just yet....give it a year or so....

Now should you reinstall it? Maybe.....if you are really intot hat sort of thing and manage to get past the fact that you are going to run everything at Max then yes go for it....if you are expecting to run everything to the max then wait a while...


Jul 20, 2000
The game looks only marginally better than FS9 - and in no way does the graphics quality justify the shitty performance. Back to FS9 if you ask me. MS didn't really have to spend much time optimizing the code or improving the game because there aren't really any other options out there for people to go to... waste of money if you ask me.
Oct 2, 2001
Word from ACES is that SP1 is coming after the first of the year. No date set, and it will not be the DX10 patch. That will be separate, and later on in '07.

They've gone to a really shader heavy engine, but it still blows on a Radon X1950, at least on my 3400+ :)

Though places that are away from cities are 20+ even with Autogen at normal (Kege, ase, kowd).

I can't wait to fly to NYC or LA and get better than 5 FPS!