FS: XIM Edge and wired 360 controller

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Jul 7, 2006
Selling my mostly unused XIM Edge and a wired OEM 360 controller to go along with it.

I bought the XIM from a forum member several months back, but hadn't bought the wired controller to go with it until just a couple months ago. The controller is in great shape as is the XIM.. no unusual wear/scratches/etc.

I recently bought another mouse to try out the XIM, and it turns out that with my lack of time to play 360 games I just can't justify owning it, not to mention I have a huge backlog of PC games to play anyways.. Would prefer to sell these as a combo. It looks like the Xim Edge is also OOS on the Xim store, and not sure if it is planned to be re-stocked, so this may be the only way to get one for now... They also charge $90 + shipping on the XIM store, so this will save you a few bucks..

I will tell you that the few hours I did use it, it worked great! There is NOTHING like the XIM when it comes to mouse/keyboard on the XBox 360.. This thing gives you at least 95% of the same feel as a kb/m on a PC (at least in my experience), and the software to configure it is top notch and pretty dang intuitive. You'll easily crush all of your controller wielding friends in any popular FPS game with this thing.. trust me.

More info: http://www.ximedge.com


- $85 shipped OBO for the combo

Separate (will only sell separate if I get desperate enough):
- $70 shipped OBO for the XIM alone
- $23 shipped OBO for the 360 controller alone

Obligatory crappy cell phone pic:

- Shipping to continental U.S. preferred, but will ship elsewhere if you pay for it..
- All items guaranteed non-DOA in working condition, will gladly refund money back if defects are found
- Will likely ship out USPS first class or priority, or possibly UPS ground.. I can usually ship same day or within the next 24-48 hours.

Heat under 'syn0s' all positive. Send me a PM on here if you are interested..
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