FS: Xbox 360 + HDDVD + Games/Movies


Jan 13, 2007
Hi my name is Rob and I have the following items for sell in one package. I need $750 which I think is fair considering how all of this retails for over $1200. All items listed here were purchased no earlier then August of 2006 and I have the reciept so this xbox will still be under warrenty until August of 2007. Everything is in Excellent condition and works just as it did when it came off the store shelves with no scratches or dings. If anyone is interested I accept payment via paypal only and will ship only within the U.S. and shipping is not included in the sell price. That will give you the option of how fast you would like it to get to you. If you happen to live in Northern California near Sacramento you may be able to pick this up in person if you choose. Feel free to ask me any questions and I will try and get back to you asap. Thanks

(1) Xbox 360 Premium Console with Hard Drive

*Power Cables

*Component Video Cable

(2) Wireless Controllers with (2) Rechargable batteries

(1) Charging station for the rechargable batteries (You can charge both rechargable batteries at once)

(2) Battery packs for the controllers (batteries included)

(1) Xbox 360 HD-DVD addon

*Power cables and USB connect cable

*Xbox 360 HDDVD Remote

(1) Xbox 360 Wireless Headset with charger (extra earpiece included)

(1) Xbox 360 Wired Headset


Xbox 360 Games

Gears of War Collectors Edition

Dead Rising

Tom Clancy's Rainbow 6 : Vegas

Burnout Revenge

The Elder Scrolls IV : Oblivion

Enchanted Arms

Halo 2 Collectors Edition (for original xbox but it plays on the Xbox 360)


HD-DVD Movies

Jet Li's Fearless

The Last Samurai


King Kong

you wont sell anything seperatly? cuz i wanna buy rainbow six vegas
I just want the xbox/accessories and controller.... and maybe serenity...
Hi, I'm interested in purchasing all those things except for the Halo 2 game. Is about 720$ fair for it all?
As of right now I have no plans on parting the system out. If I change my mind I will definately post here to let you guys know. Thank you for the interest.
Just wanted to update this. Someone has shown interest but has not committed so I am still taking bids at $750 and up.
Id be intrested in Rainbow 6 Vegas and Burnout Revenge if you decide to part.

I just want the 360 and maybe a game or two... You should part with everything separately... I already have almost all of those DVD's you have, have access to all the games for free (Just do not have an xbox 360)... :)... but


maybe someone will buy for your price...
Small update. I recieved an offer of $900(shipped) for the xbox +

Nintendo DS w/charger and carry case
New Super Mario Brothers DS
Super Mario Brothers 64 DS
(for Gameboy) Advance Wars / Zelda:Four Swords / Mario vs. Donkey Kong / Golden Sun 2 / Metroid: Zero Mission

I am awaiting the buyers final decision but will leave this open to bids until the sell is closed.