FS: (x2)MSI Lightning 6950s w/ XSPC waterblocks


Nov 10, 2002
I have two MSI Lightning 6950s up for sale, both with XSPC waterblocks. These are reference board cards with the switched BIOS. Currently, the shaders are unlocked, but the cards have not been overclocked.

I believe one of the cards is on it's way out but I have never ran them individually outside of crossfire. With both of them in my rig(and crossfire connector disconnected or connected), the displays on my PC would shut off randomly like the GPU locked up. Sometimes it would only take 5 minutes, sometimes I could play TF2 for 2hrs without issue. Cooling has never been an issue as they have almost always been watercooled and temps between 30-42C max.

I am selling them at the cost of the waterblocks as I can't guarantee that the 6950s are functioning properly and I do not have the spare time to test them.

Each 6950 w/ waterblock: $40 shipped to lower 48

Both 6950s w/ both waterblocks: $70 shipped to lower 48
(I will include the adjustable bridge fitting)

I do have the stock air coolers, but I am not sure if I have all of the mounting screws for them.

Heatware: sethmo
eBay: pdemitra38

I will get some pictures up after work, I just removed the cards from my PC last night.
Bump. I have the cards out, but forgot to take pictures of them together.


(Before removal)


(Bottom card)
I may be interested. Can the waterblocks be used on any other cards?