FS: US: SFF & mini-pc, Blender, KB, ,m.2, FANS etc - New items added 6/1/23, some items reduced too !


Limp Gawd
Nov 24, 2022
Hey ya'll,

I have a few things not being used, so I decided to put 'em up 4 sale...

All items include USPS Priority Mail, and via Paypal only, to verified addresses in the lower 48. IF you want/needed faster/other methods, then you must pay the additional cost !

I will gladly make package deals to save you shipping costs. Just PM me with the details !
A) NEW ITEM #1: Dell Optiplex 7050 SFF PC. i7-7700 @3.6GHZ (boost to 4.6GHZ) 8 core/8 thread, UHD 630 GPU, Intel AC3165 Dual Band WiFi/BT LE & 1219-LM ethernet. PRICE: $140.00/OBO

B) NEW ITEM #2: AWZ/Trigkey mini PC. i5-8279U @2.4GHZ (boost to 4.1GHZ) 4 core/8 thread, Iris® Plus Graphics 655, Intel AC3165 Dual Band WiFi/BT & 1219 ethernet. Note that due to interference with my other 2 pc's in my office, I disconnected the Wi-Fi chip (but left it installed), but it is easily reconnected. SALE PENDING

Note that I have 8GB of ram (2x4GB) that I can put into either of the above machines for an extra $10.

C) NEW ITEM #3: SK Hynix Gen 3 512GB nvme drive SOLD !

D) NEW ITEM #4: Bella Hand Blender w/ wisk attachment BNIB, never opened. I bought this a while back as a gift for someone, but for some reason never gave it to them... PRICE: $15.00/OBO

E) Seagate Barracuda 500GB 3.5" SATA Drive from a working pc. Will be securely erased & reformatted. The Crystal Disk Info reports are attached below. PRICE: $9.00

F) TKL Bluetooth Keyboard by Anker that was used for about 2 weeks. I bought this for my wife when she was told she would have to start using a tablet instead of a desktop, thankfully she didn't, so we don't have any use for it any more.
PRICE: $9.00

G) Case/AIO Fans:

-- 9x Corsair AF-140 w/Red LED's w/3 pin connectors. Used for about 1.5 yrs, but still run fine. Price: $10.00 each, or $1.00 less for each additional

-- 1x Corsair AF-140 w/clear LED's & Red, white, & blue accent rings BNIB. Price: $11.00

I'll be adding some moar stuff later as I sort thru my parts boxes, so stay tuned for moar deals to be had :D

fyi... I was formerly known as "bonehead123" and have been a member here for many years, but somehow lost access to my account and opened another one.... but my heat is still intact at the link below:



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