FS- Supermicro Servers (Dual Quad, 1u Dual Dual, 1u Pentium D)Portland OR/Lacey WA

The Spyder

Jun 18, 2002
Sadly I am switching more towards my automobile hobby (I just lost a $1200 turbo :( ) and I have not touched this equipment in months. I am currently only interested in LOCAL PICKUP due to the hassle of shipping these. I will gladly meet anywhere from Salem OR to Tacoma WA due to the proximity of our homes.

First is my Dual Quad Core Xeon box. This ran ESXi perfectly and with the identical one I have, is way more then I will ever use!
Intel Retail x5355 2.66ghz 8mg cache 1333fsb processors
Supermicro X7DWA
2 WD Raptor 74gig 10,000rpm SATA drives
2gig DDR2 Kingston 667 Fbdimm
Thermaltake 700w Modular powersupply
Coolermaster Stacker 810

I ran 16gb ram with 2x 640gb black edition drives in this and it easily handled 12 VM's.
Price is $800 OBO, please dont offer me $500, I would rather keep it then :(.

Second are 4 1u rack servers.
1x) Dual Processor, Dual Core Xeon 3.0ghz, 2mg cache, 2GB ram- $250
Supermicro board, 2 PCI-E 8x, PCI, and PCIX slots. 4 Sata ports + Adaptec onboard raid
2 80gb 7200rpm Hot Swap hard drives.
Cases are black with Floppy, Cdrom, 2 hot swap Sata Bays and 1u 420w powersupply

3x) Intel Pentium D 3.2- 3.6 Dual Core CPU, 2GB ram- $150 each
Supermicro board, PCI slots, 4 sata ports, Adaptec onboard raid
2 80gb 7200rpm Hot Swap Hard Drives
Black Case, Floppy, Cdrom, 2 hot swap SATA bays, 1u 300w powersupplies

Rack Rails INCLUDED at asking price.
Servers are tested, formatted, and working.

Pictures and more info on the 1u's to come this evening when I pull them out of the closet.

heat under The Spyder.
Email is marc PERIOD heynderickx AT gmail


Sep 2, 2005
bump. just wondering, what sort of car do you have? :) i'm in the pdx area too =D
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