FS: Silverstone TJ09-BW


Nov 17, 2007
Would perfer local pickup as this will cost a little bit to ship. The case is perfect other then a minor nic on the upper right corner and few minor surface sctraches from moving it to install new parts and clean.

It does have the side window. The case was bought I think right after it first came out and I got it from directron.com(I think) and I will ship in the orginal box and packing materials. It will come with 4 Silverstone fans that it came with.

Reason for selling? I am drooling over the 800D....

I only accept VERIFIED Paypal. Will consider other forms of payment pending the situation.

The case is $280~ retail depending on where you get it. I am looking for $175 + 1/2 shipping.

The case will be completely cleaned and washed out before it leaves my house.

Will post pics if I get enough interest.

I use a Kama Bay on it and I might include that with the case if the price is right.
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