FS: Shuttle SN95G5 and Swiftech Stuff


Limp Gawd
Apr 10, 2004
$300CAD - SN95G5 used, not too dusty, rough window (need dremel to smooth out), top blow hole, drive cage cut up to allow 2nd hard drive (shipping extra, if shipping too expensive i will split with you). Comes with all the original box, cables, manual, CD's etc.

$35CAD - Swiftech MCW6002 CPU block w/ Athlon64 clips
$35CAD - Swiftech MCW50 VGA block with clips for ATI's, nVidia 5 series and 6x00 series
$75CAD - Swiftech MCP150, the pump
( if you buy all of the swiftech things above I will send u lots of 3/8" inner tubings and a black ice micro 80mm radiator, and some clamps for freeas well)

pay by paypal only, ship to canada usa only. my ebay name is "n3uro", i can setup the thing to go through Ebay if you want to.

Please make me offers

my email: n3uro ...at.... dccnet ..... com