FS: SF600


Jun 11, 2016
This is the best 9700K I've had from a sample size of 10+. Ran at 4.8Ghz at low voltage offset with copper IHS installed. (1.18-1.22 in OCCT) Liquid metal paste. In my nCase M1 it gamed at sub 55C at all times with a C14S. Side airflow coolers with hot GPUs feeding air into it will skew these numbers but this chip is great and both it and the mobo have ran cool their entire life. Best Z390 ITX board you can get. Was a great setup and to be honest I regret upgrading to Ryzen 5900X because I didn't gain much, except for higher temps... I gained that.

9700K+16GB Samsung B-Side (G.Skill) 3600Mhz C16+AsRock Z390 ITX Phantom Gaming+SF600 PSU+SX8200 Pro 512GB SSD (full strength controller, not the nerfed version) -- $525 shipped

This AMD combo has been the heart of my plex server. Current profile is running the CPU at 3.3Ghz with very low volts. Transcoding this CPU sits between 30-42C. Give it a bios reset and you are off to the races. This has never been run on any other setting aside from first install from windows. Never skipped a beat. I've switched my setup to allow for a capture card. Since this chip doesn't have IGP it had to go as well.

2700X+Asus B450i+16GB Corsair LPX 3200Mhz+eVGA 550GM SFX PSU -- $350 shipped
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Bump thought about the Intel combo but would like to live to Tuesday. Good price on it with the SF600 included.