FS: Seasonic 1250W PSU

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Oklahoma Wolf

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Mar 22, 2005
Hello, folks. I have another jonnyGURU review sample up for grabs. This time, a Seasonic beast of a unit.

This guy is 80 Plus Gold with a single 104A 12V rail. Fully modular. Insanely stable. Scored a perfect 10 in performance and 9.6 overall.

Comes with full retail packaging. Cosmetically 10/10.

Once again, it did come apart for the review. While apart, I looked for anything small or large that might cause problems down the road - ended up fixing an insulator for the mainboard that was just out of position. Once back together, I load tested it again at 1kW for a long time to make sure it stays working. So, you pretty much have a brand new 1250W unit that looks and acts mint that has the advantage of having been thoroughly checked out by a guy who has been in electronics longer than most of the people at the factory it came from. As always, I will guarantee it myself for 90 days, not that you'll need it.

Shipping to US/Canada only via Canada Post. APO included.

Payment via Paypal only outside Canada. CC is ok. Within Canada, I can do other forms... email money transfer is preferred. Offers welcome, but remember that this is a large and heavy box... I'm probably looking at forty bucks just to ship it across the border to many places in the US.

I'd keep this for myself, but right now I need to get bills paid before I need another power supply around here.

Price: $175 USD shipped. SOLD!

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