FS: Samsung Galaxy Tab S 8.4" with Samsung Bronze Book Cover AND 64gb MicroSD card


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Dec 22, 2006
Selling my month-old 8.4" galaxy tab S. This is the bronze version. It's been encased since day one, and is in like-new condition with no scratches, dings, or blemishes, and the vibrant screen is perfect. Please note that this is the Super-AMOLED version, so the picture is gorgeous. It also comes with the official Samsung Titanium Bronze book cover. This cover folds into 3 different stand configurations for hands-free use, and turns the tablet on and off upon opening/closing. Tablet has been rooted, and I can leave it, or reset it as you like.

The tablet is $399.99 new, and the case is $59.99 new. The microSD card is $45 @ Costco. Get all three now for $300, $200 less than it cost me a month ago!! This is a great deal!

$250 shipped
Here's my Heat
I will NOT ship first regardless of your heat.
NON-CC paypal, or google pay, ONLY.
I am not interested in trades.
Tablet is also listed on Craigslist, so might wind up sold. I will have the thread closed if that happens.

Edit: Sorry for the giant pics. Not sure why they came out like that.


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