FS: Samsung Galaxy S9+ Dual-SIM, Jabra GN EVOLVE2 40 USB-C Heatset, Alphacool Monsta 240mm radiator


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Mar 4, 2004
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$155 shipped: Samsung Galaxy S9+ Plus SM-G9650 6+64GB Black 6.2" Dual SIM Android Smartphone (Unlocked) - This is one of the rare Snapdragon Galaxy S9+'s with an unlockable bootloader to root and flash custom OS's. It also supports dual sims. Unfortunately, this will no longer work on AT&T's network, so I changed phones and dumped AT&T. This does work with Verizon and T-Mobile.

The back glass is broken, but it in no way affects functionality. Phone was almost always used with a screen protector, but still has some short, light scratches on screen. I did not notice anything when using it with a screen protector. Always housed in an Otterbox Defender case. Comes with case, no screen protector. Case missing charging port cover - see pics.

* Samsung Galaxy S9+ Plus SM-G9650 6+64GB Black 6.2" Dual SIM Android Smartphone (Unlocked)
* Otterbox Defender case
* 128GB microSD flash (in addition to 64GB internal storage)


$60 shipped: Jabra GN EVOLVE2 40 USB-C Heatset (P/N: 24089-989-899) - this is an open box USB-C headset. The box is a bit damaged, because some fraudulent buyer on eBay ordered the wrong part, said it was "not as described" (despite saying I sent them the advertised part) and returned it using a damaged, wet box, despite my no returns policy. They wanted a USB-A headset. eBay now forces returns on the seller for any reason, at seller's expense. Please make sure this is the part you need before purchasing. USB-C is applicable to newer laptops and motherboards and your system may or may not have a USB-C port.

$60 shipped: Alphacool NexXxoS Monsta 240mm radiator (280 x 124 x 86mm) - Has a small dent (pictured). Does not affect function.

*** SOLD ***
$1300 shipped: NVIDIA RTX 3080 FE Non-LHR, cable included, no box. Owned by me for about a week. Works great.
(SOLD) $1900 shipped:
NVIDIA RTX 3090 FE Non-LHR with thermal pads mod, cable included, boxed. Card originally purchased on 11/16/21 from a Best Buy by another owner and I have the receipt. Works great.

(SOLD) $850 shipped: NVIDIA RTX 3070 FE Non-LHR, cable included, boxed. Owned by me for about 3 months. Works great.

(SOLD) $100 shipped - New EVGA 1000 GQ 1000w Gold PSU / Power Supply - Brand new in box. Registered for 5 year warranty, although this degrades to 3 years when it is transferred to the second owner.

(SOLD) $130 shipped: Samsung Galaxy S9 Unlocked SM-G960U 64GB (Certified Re-Newed) - this is the "new" phone AT&T sent me to kick me off their network. It has never been used, except to get the SIM and unlock it from their network. Comes with all accessories.


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