FS: Razer Blade Pro 17" - [Price Drop] i7 / RTX 3070 / 64gb RAM / 256gb nvme (2021 model)


Jul 30, 2004
Razer Blade Pro 17" 2021 Model - $1250 $1000 shipped
  • Intel Core i7-10875H CPU @ 2.30GHz (8 cores, Comet Lake)
  • 64gb RAM (self-upgraded)
  • 256gb NVME SSD (Intel)
  • nVidia Geforce RTX 3070
  • 17" display (2560x1440, 165hz)
  • Windows 11 license
  • 2x AC Power Adapters
The laptop has been used as a desktop replacement since I bought it about 2 years ago. For a laptop, it's a great portable gaming system - it runs nearly any game you can throw at it with ease, but of course newer games maybe need to have settings be dialed back slightly.

I am selling this as I finally purchased parts to build a gaming desktop, bought a SteamDeck and no longer have a need for a gaming laptop.

A couple of notes:
  1. The laptop battery has been replaced in May 2023 and has been working fine since. I caught the OEM battery ballooning early enough that it didn't cause any chassis/structural damage whatsoever
  2. During the entirety of my ownership of this laptop, I have had every surface covered with a dBrand skin - the underlying chassis is in mint condition. You will notice in the pictures what looks like dust or particles all over - this is simply residue from removing the dBrand skin, and will easily come off with a bit of alcohol. If I have time, I will clean it as best I can before shipping.
  3. A few of the keys have some bad LEDs - where they won't display a certain color, although they all do light up. From memory, I believe it is the left CTRL, Caps Lock, and a few of the letter keys. You could swap the keyboard out to fix this issue if you're daring enough


  • I have been a long time trader here (HeatWare), and have been buying and selling on eBay since 2001.


  • I will accept payment through no-fee Paypal or Venmo.
  • Prices include shipping
  • Shipping to lower 48 US buyers only. Sorry, I am not willing to ship international. I will let you know via PM here when I have shipped an item along with the tracking details.
  • I will accept returns and offer a full refund within 14 days if an item is DOA or if you are not happy with it. You will cover the cost of shipping the item back to me, and I will refund your payment after receipt of the item and examination of physical condition.

Thanks for looking!


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