FS: Rampage IV BE, DL360p Gen8 (dual 2011 servers), laptops

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Aug 6, 2011
Few extra things I had lying around up for sale

*Rampage IV Black Edition - new refurb from Asus I bought a couple years back; antistatic bag is still sealed. I don't want to break the seals to test it, but will warranty it from being DOA.

*Rampage IV Black Edition - this one has been in service since late 2014 with a 4GHz 4820k in it.

$350 each, both come with a board and an I/O shield. I'll throw in an OC Panel with whichever one sells first. Solid boards to go with those cheap E5-2680's that have just showed up on eBay.
Edit: One Rampage sold!

*2 DL360p Gen8's - both configured with 2x 146GB 15K SAS drives, flash backed cache, dual E5-2670's, and 96GB of RAM. Despite being 1U servers these things are remarkably quiet. Only catch is they don't come with drive caddies outside of the two installed.

$1000 each shipped to you.

*Early 2011 15" Macbook Pro - original Thunderbolt model, i7-2720QM, 1680x1050 panel, 120GB third-party SSD and 8GB of RAM installed. There is a catch - dynamic GPU switching does not work, so you need to reboot to switch GPU's. No idea why, and I gave up trying to figure out.

$500 or best offer. Comes with a knockoff charger and whatever miscellaneous Apple accessories I have lying around.

*Sandy Bridge rig - i7-2600K, MSI P67A-C43 board, Radeon 5770, 16GB (4x4) DDR3, 2x 2TB hard drives, Antec Eco 620W power supply, Antec Super LANBOY case (ATX mini tower, has handle!)

$319 + shipping; have an entire computer for the price of a 6700K!
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Limp Gawd
Sep 3, 2014
Great price on the 2600k pc.would make a decent gaming pc after a card swap.
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