FS: R9 3900X $225 - chip only, EVGA 550w gold, older Ducky Shine 3 mechanical keyboard


Oct 23, 2003
Ryzen 3900X processor - purchased used here 1 year or so ago.
$225 Paypal G&S shipped USPS


EVGA Supernova 550w 80 plus gold PSU fully modular amazon link
Purchased new 4/22/21 from Newegg, 220-GA-0550-X1
$45 Paypal G&S shipped USPS


Note: Green key backlighting, the letter P is not illuminated and has remained this way for years.
Could benefit from a cleaning, I'll dust it off a little better before shipping out.
Ducky 9008S3 (shine 3) full size mechanical keyboard cherry mx red switches.
Ducky Pink and White PBT keycap full set and original abs keycaps included
$40 Paypal G&S to continental US.

I would be interested in a quality wireless mouse to have in my home theater setup in trade, 16ga pneumatic brad nailer

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Wish I saw this RAM yesterday :/ Somehow it didn't show up on my search :/ I just bought crappy plain samsung off ebay though :/ 4x1gb, wish I hadn't :/

Either way, goodluck on these, nice sticks for a great price!


You're also up the road from me (I am in Westfield), so I could've just picked up instead of worrying about shipping... blah!
Monaco has just gotten steamworks support, so its open for players to start creating custom maps and content.
Castle Crashers bump, dropping prices in accordance with steam sale.