FS: Plantronics Head Set - SOLD!

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Apr 22, 2015
I have a Plantronics Head Set model WO2 I used at work back in 2015 at my work station and haven't used since then when I moved from Southern CA to Northern CA. I retired in May 2020 and no longer have a use for this item since it's been sitting in my closet since 2015. The same new item sells for over $200 in Amazon. Asking $40 shipped. Paypal. SOLD to Ozarkboy.

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How well did this work switching between devices? How comfortable was it to wear?
I actually only used it when I had to attend a meeting. Meetings would be anywhere from 1-2 hours. I may have 2 or more meetings each day at work. The ear piece is adjustable to fit any ear. Not sure about switching between devices as it was setup like the 4th pic at work which was managed by our IT department. I liked it because it was hands free which allowed me to do other tasks while in a meeting.
First of all, that's a great price for the full set, OP. This thing supports Windows softphones, bluetooth, and desk phones. The holy trinity, if you will.

I already have a standalone Savi WH500 (same headset, comes with a USB dongle instead of the fancy base), so I thought to look on eBay for just the base. Sure enough, I found one for $13. Apparently the actual headset portion of the unit is the most expensive part.

I owe you one! (y) Work is a bunch of cheapskates and would only give the basic headsets out to us lowly Infrastructure guys.
Thank you for the additional information--sounds like it would be perfect for what I do as well. Do you have any extra eartips or earloops?
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