FS: Original 60gb PS3, IBM T60 1.83ghz

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Oct 12, 2005
Hello all,

I have an original PS3 that is backwards compatible with all ps games for sale. It comes in the original box plus 1 controler, usb wire and 2 games (MLB the show 07, mlb the show 08 and Metal Gear Solid 4). SOLD

Also I have a Lenovo ThinkPad T60 2623 - Core Duo T2400 / 1.83 GHz - Centrino Duo - RAM : 1.5gb - HD : 80 GB - DVDñRW (ñR DL) / DVD-RAM - Gigabit Ethernet - Bluetooth, 802.11a/b/g - TPM - fingerprint reader - Win XP Pro - 14.1" TFT 1400 x 1050 ( SXGA+ ) . Its in average condition to below average condition and it also has 1 issue. The warranty i think is good until 5/6/09 . It also comes with 3 batteries. 1 6 cell that is not in good condition, and 2 9 cells. 1 9 cell has been recalled so you as your own risk and the other was the recall replacement that hasnt gotten any use so it works perfectly.
UPDATE -I just received the laptop back and it looks good. Just remember that this unit has been sent to be repaired and the warranty does still last till May. With that in mind, the price is $340 shipped.


My email is craigdeguz@hotmail.com and my ebay/heatware is craigdeguz. I have great heatware reviews.

Let me know if you guys have any questions or offer me different prices if you disagree.
Im only looking for cash (paypal, money orders)
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Superb price on that T60, should go quickly ... bump for the cause.
if i didn't just buy a friend a laptop, i'd be all over this. i just need the multi burner...mine is similarly speced :)

not so strange, MINE OVERHEATS TOO!
DAMN, i just got the money together to BUY IT. i was about to paypal you...

if you change your mind, it is your prerogative, PM me. i have cash in hand.
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