FS: Optiplex 980 SFF i5-2400 4GB, Core i3 tablet, box o' GPU's


Aug 6, 2011
Optiplex comes with 4GB RAM, an i5-2400, Win7 CoA, and a Radeon 6350. This is the regular SFF chassis, not the USFF that runs off a DC brick.

120 shipped to you. Would make a decent HTPC if you swapped in a 4K-capable card.

Also have a box of misc old GPU's:

-Pair of reference Dell 6950's unlocked to 6970's
-Pair of 8800GTX's without coolers
-Two Thermaltake Duorbs that were once mounted on the 8800's.

Asking 80 shipped for the box. 6970's work great, no guarantees on the 8800's.

Take both (why would you want both?) items for $175 shipped.

Also have a Venue 11 Pro, i3-4030Y 4GB/128GB, 1080p touchscreen. Couple of superficial screen scratches (nothing visible with the screen on) otherwise good condition. Comes with charger and a fresh install of Win8.1.

Looking for 160 shipped on this one.
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