FS:*OBO* Dell XPS 17 9710 i9/64/1tb; i9-9900; i7-10700; i7 9700x2; i7-8700x2; BlackBerry KEY2 LE; MS Surface Pro 9; Thinkpad E14, T15 and T490

Interested in -T490, don't have Paypal any more.. think the wife has Zelle? Would like to get this for my son in the next 10 days or so.. he's running off for some summer training. Would you do a postal money order or the like?

My heat under amdscooter 107-0-0 since 2000.. I'm no flight risk... lol.

Shoot me a PM if we can work out payment.
man, i just bought a 50% off surface book from Dell, i wish i saw that yoga first. great price
Good evening sir. Interested in the T490. Mind snapping a few pics? I also might be interested in 2 iPhone XR's. Mind sending a few pics of the front and back of them as well?

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Lenovo Thinkpad X1 Yoga
i7 vPro 10610U 1.8
16gb ram
512gb ssd
Touch screen with max res 2560x1440
Stylus pen
Battery 45,650mwh out of 51,010
Warranty through 11/22/24

$425 shipped
Is that a 14 inch screen? Any noticeable signs of wear?
Only accepting fee free payments for PayPal and other fee free methods.

**No trades**

-iPhone 12 Pro Max x2
Unlocked to any carrier
x1 gold
x1 graphite
Screens have typical wear of being in pockets
Shell is flawless as both have been in cases
Battery % are 82 and 81
Comes with original box and one case (black Otterbox or a Casely case). More Casely cases can be purchased super cheap as well if desired.
Lightning cable included.

$475 each shipped to 50 states

I don't see storage size....am I missing it? Also, what is the actual model #?