FS: Nintendo Switch Price Drop

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May 18, 1997
Both are in excellent condition. Got both of these for the kids. They do not use them.

Switch $245 + Shipping inside continental USA only. SOLD

IMG_20181004_152813.jpg IMG_20181004_161613.jpg

IMG_20181009_043521.jpg IMG_20181009_042602.jpg

Shield Portable (Model P2450) $85 + Shipping inside continental USA only. SOLD

IMG_20181004_152846.jpg IMG_20181004_153144.jpg IMG_20181004_153251.jpg

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Thats a good price for the shield, I still have mine. Too bad they never made an updated model with the X1.
Any games with the Switch? See Fortnite in the picture and was curious.
Dang, Literally just bought one for the kids off eBay about a month ago.
Damn, that shield is hard to find nowdays. No surprise it got bought up quick
trade you a Sapphire Nirtro+ RX 570 8GB and 3 games code from AMD for that Switch! Please ...do not crush the soul of my 9 year old little girl! :bigtears:
I bought my kid one too. She rarily played Breath of the wild but she loves playing Mario Odyssey all the time. I bet if you got them Mario they would play it
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