FS: NIB Corsair Vengeance K65 keyboard, Feenix mouse, 8 port PoE switch, Dell laptop dock

Tablet sold, working on adding more stuff but I had a hand injury so may be a bit.
Absolutely no need for those laptop drives, but the price is very tempting. Good seller and the laptops are shipped well. Glws!

Thanks man!

I was asked via PM if I would be willing to sell the laptop drives individually. The answer is yes, although obviously they won't be quite as deeply discounted. I'll still be less than similar drives on eBay, though. :)
One TB16 dock sold on eBay; I plan on listing the others there so holla if you need one. Would much rather sell them here.
EliteBook 8740w sold. Feel free to make reasonable offers on anything while I look for more stuff!
The 4.6 TB of Laptop drives are now on eBay since I had no bites here. Current bid is $3.25 so someone could potentially get a really good deal.
Re: NIB Corsair Vengeance K65 mechanical keyboard

Ia this a backlit keyboard?

No, this is the non-RGB version. The K65 LUX is the backlit one, and retails for around $130 on Amazon so if one can live without backlit keys, this one's much less expensive.

Thanks for asking that - I had someone PM me with the same question. :)