FS: NIB Corsair Vengeance K65 keyboard, Feenix mouse, 8 port PoE switch, Dell laptop dock

Price on FreeSync 2 monitor adjusted to beat eBay's lowest... 2 laptops pending but I found a couple more that I'll try to get listed soon.

Also to be listed soon:

Windows 10 tablet
Dell Thunderbolt docks
A ton of gaming mice
Audioengine A5 speakers
Several keyboards
Fenix rechargeable flashlight
Other stuff!
Bump and I think I'm all caught up on PMs now. Been a crazy week!
Prices lowered on everything, folks.

Apple Watch 4 will be added soon.. I don't think I'm going to use it.
Another laptop sold and shipped, more price cuts on some items.
How is the battery life / health on the Elitebook 8460p?

The battery in this one is just OK, to be honest. It would work better for someone who intends on leaving the laptop plugged in most of the time and only needs to unplug for a few minutes.

I actually have a brand new battery that I could swap for it for an additional $10 if you need more battery life. It cost me $22 + tax on Amazon and I was saving it for my own personal 8460p that I use for various things, but you're welcome to it. Full disclosure - I made this same offer to someone else in PM just so both of you know you're getting the same thing. :D

I also found an additional 4GB stick of DDR3 within the past week and could bump the RAM up to 8GB for an additional $5 if anyone wishes.

It's in excellent shape cosmetically. The only issue that I've found is that the keyboard light that's built in to the display bezel is perpetually on. I assume that this an issue with the switch, as it's retractable (push in to deploy, push in again to make flush with bezel). That is the reason that this 8460p is priced a little lower than my previous ones. It's a minor issue and probably easily fixed, but for the sake of full disclosure I wanted to mention it.
Thanks! Appreciate the details and full disclosure. I'm looking at local offerings, but if I don't have any luck, I will reach out via PM - if it's still around :)