FS: NIB Corsair Vengeance K65 keyboard, Feenix mouse, 8 port PoE switch, Dell laptop dock

Lowered prices on a couple of things.

Will give discounts for multiple items going to the same address!
All PMs returned. I’ve been sick for 3 days, so might be a little slower responding than usual but I will get back to you!
No longer sick, so same/next day shipping has resumed. Changed laptop prices to shipped in order to simplify things. Bump!
If you're interested in a laptop and want me to replace the HDD with an SSD for a modest price, I can (I have several spares in the parts drawer that I use to upgrade older machines). The laptops themselves are pretty zippy despite having older gen Intel CPUs but adding an SSD makes them a different machine. The i5 with the 120GB Samsung SSD is definitely the fastest of the bunch when not doing CPU intensive tasks (aka general use). Huge difference in startup and launching apps. Once Windows loads and does its indexing and prefetching, the ones with the HDDs are quite pleasant to use.
Reduced the monitors, please make offers as this stuff is headed to eBay or reddit soon.

If you PM me, please have the courtesy to reply to my reply. Thx.
Thanks guys, 2 more laptops sold!

Finally added info on the 17" EliteBooks; I've had many PMs about those.
Wow, 4 laptops sold in the last 24 hours. You guys are awesome! Thanks for saving me from eBay.

The "upgrade to SSD" option is proving to be quite popular. These are totally different machines with them, but you knew that already. :)
Everything that sold shipped today and buyers have been updated with tracking.

Happy Friday all!
Upgraded both 17" EliteBooks to SSDs to add some value for the $. A HDD just holds the performance back too much.

I also ordered a new battery for the 8740w because I found that the current one just isn't cutting it - should be here on Tuesday.