FS: New PS3/Wii Games & Controllers


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Feb 9, 2002
After the success of this thread, my friend has requested me to sell games and accessories for him. So this thread is alive again!

All games & controllers are BRAND New.

For PS3 Updated!
Kane & Lynch - $40 Shipped
Call of Duty 4 - $40 Shipped
Turok - $40 Shipped
Sony Sixaxis Controller - $35 shipped

Wii Remote - $30 shipped

If you buy more than 2 items, I discount 5 bux for every item added.

Heatware - EnforcerGT
Ebay - Shift_sr20@hotmail.com
Paypal Verfied

I only accept paypal. All prices are Shipped via USPS Priority. First come first serve. You can reach me at my email JspecR at Gmail dot com. I check emails multiple times a day.

Thanks for looking, and please bump if you drop by!
Also, if anyone is in the chicagoland area and wants to pick it up instead, subtract $5 for anything locally dealt.
Payment sent for 2 PS3 controllers and Resistance. Thanks! (just to check, these are sixaxis, sony, controllers, yes?) and a free bump for you
Payment sent for 1 PS3 controller. Thanks again! I'm also checking these are sixaxis, sony brand controllers) BUMP BUMP!!
All 3 controllers are indeed sixaxis sonys. All sold.

Uncharted pending via Matthew_Wall
Assasin's Creed & MOH:Airborne pending via ancalime
Recieved my sealed Uncharted yesterday. I could not believe how fast I recived it. Awesome job man.

Bump for you.

Heatware added.

bump, hey faceless, i cant seem to edit my eval. I said controller instead of game, lol.
added my other games. I was really hoping to hold on to these since I did buy them to play, but since they are still unopened, I guess I can find new homes for them.
:D bump and thumbs up here, ps3 controller came in brand new in the box! excellent deal and excellent guy! i left ya heat ;)!
great seller, just got my two ps3 controllers and resistance. if you still have another ps3 controller, i'm looking for my fourth. let me know. and thanks!
excellent seller, shipped next day after receiving payment, just received my ps3 controller and call of duty 4 pc.