FS: My Dream Machine (NYC Pickup, No Parting) + Mini-ITX Rig + 3D and 27" Monitors


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Feb 5, 2003
1. Dream Machine

My interest in PC gaming and building has waned, so my giant sig rig (see "Full Tower Rig" in sig) is essentially spinning its wheels. I don't have the time or inclination to part this thing out - nor am I certain that I have the stock parts for the video cards - so this will only be of interest to you if:

a. You want to save a ludicrous amount of money in getting a sweet-looking watercooled system

b. You are close enough to NYC (Astoria) to pick this thing up in person

Here's how I'm pricing this so you get a sense conceptually of the deal:

$200 per GTX 580 (3) - two PNY, one EVGA, 850 mhz core overclock
$200 for the PSU
$100 for the SSD and 640GB drives [keeping the 1TB drive]
$100 for the case
$100 for the motherboard
$50 for the RAM - Corsair XMS 3
$50 for the BR drive
$175 for all four blocks
$150 for pump, rads, fan, and res and 2 x pair of Koolance QDC fittings
$20 for sound card
$70 for the CPU
$0 labor cost having the whole thing put together and up and running smoothly in advance :)

Looking at the overall picture, this should be a really good combo of "looking good and kicking ass" at the price.

Total cost comes to $1615.


2. Mini-ITX Rig

Lean mean little machine. Great condition and barely used. Carried this thing under my arm when I was driving out of state once or twice every few months to visit my parents so I could have a real computer to use and game on.

Silverstone SG-08 and PSU
GTX 570
DVD Drive
i5 2500k CPU
Windows 7
500GB Hybrid Seagate drive
ASRock Z68M-ITX (the only M-ITX board with OC options at the time, at least for Intel)
Aftermarket CPU cooling (http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835226030)
AND aftermarket MOFSET cooling

$575 shipped. Which is a ridiculously good price, but I'm in a giving mood. ;)

Partout options:

Without GPU - subtract $125
Without HDD - subtract $40


Realized that selling the monitors making no sense but can't change title, sorry about that.

*No trades thank you*
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are you willing to part out? :/

I'm interested in the case, I live in brooklyn.

[EDIT] nvm... i didnt see the no parting part lol

One word.


Don't let that thing sit around collecting dust!
bump, started new gig so short on time, but will add them over wekend
im jelous you live like... 5 min from Manhattan? lol if your interested in selling the monitors im about 1h out from the city. PM me.
I also live in Astoria, but will be moving soon. Good luck with the sale.
I did put the big rig on there, but I think the thing is just too much for anyone but hardcore enthusiasts to be interested, and then hardcore enthusiasts have already moved on to newer systems and such.

Not that I mind terribly much. I built this baby myself and it could last me years and years of high-end gaming.